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Prospect Design ®

On March 1, in the afternoon / evening, the closing ceremony of Prospect Design took place at the el Convent dels Àngels – MACBA

We have the presence of Marc Monzó, one of the most representative figures of contemporary Catalan and international jewelry. His work has been recognized with the Françoise van den Bosch Prize 2016 and, most recently, the City Of Barcelona Prize 2018 in the design category. Marc will tell us about his experience and how he understands the practice of the designer at present, how he approaches the relationship between creativity and the market and how he considers that he has achieved his personal and professional success. Starting from the question “Where are the limits?”, A reflection on the main challenges that the designer must face today to make his own space.

After his intervention and the delivery of the Pedagogical Excellence Award, we entertained a cocktail sponsored by Sikkim Gin and enlivened by the music of Flaix FM.

A day full of activities of LCI Barcelona as an institution that defends the importance of design when it comes to raising questions about the present and proposing solutions for the challenges of the future. #ProspectDesign

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Produced in former copper alambiques of 1875, it has a graduation of 40º and is made from the red tea base of the Tibet area, in particular Sikkim, in India, where it is grown, one of the best teas in the world and that it was a door to the tea routes from China in the time of Ming Dynasty.

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