7 Cannibals The First Gin With Apple Flavor

The first Gin with apple flavor ®   7Cannibals It publishes this article of Sikkim gin, which reigns again with Sikkim Greenery, a unique Geneva in the world thanks to Its Flavourless, flavorless apple flavor, distilled with high – quality oilings and cereals from England, with subtle refreshing notes mentholated and rounded with floral essences, bottled in […]

Urban Jungle! with Sikkim Gin

Last Saturday 12th of May, we had the opportunity to enjoy a very special event: “Murcia Diseña”. It is an event created by the Murcia City Council and the Molinos del Río – Caballerizas space. It is about enhance the Murcia designers work, making it known by the citizens.  Gabriel Bautista, from Antro Design (@antro_interiordesign), […]

Origen Online

Origenonline echoes our news in the sector: “Sikkim Greenery, an apple flavored gin. Qantima Group, a company dedicated to the creation, import and export of premium beverages, has launched, after taking 100% of its stake in the brand, Sikkim Greenery. With a base of red tea, floral essences, Granny Smith and Golden apples marinated in […]


Financialfood echoes our news in the sector: “Sikkim Gin innovates again with Sikkim Greenery, a unique gin in the world thanks to its aroma and powerful apple flavor, distilled with juniper and high quality cereals from England, with subtle menthol refreshing notes and rounded with floral essences. The first apple gin on the market completes […]


Alimarket, our news in the sector. Qantima Group grows in gin It is made with 100% by  Sikkim Gin Alimarket.- The Murcia  Qantima Group  It has expanded its participation of 51% to 100% on the mark ‘Sikkim Gin’, which was in the hands of the company Sibbaris Privée. With this operation, the company has revealed that it will launch an […]

Info Retail

Magazine Info Retail, our news in the sector. Qantima Group grows in gin It is made with 100% by Sikkim Gin infoRETAIL.- The Murcia  Qantima Group, specialized in the development, production and marketing of premium drinks and gourmet products, has expanded its participation from 51% to 100% in the Sikkim Gin brand. Those responsible for the company have highlighted, […]